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Real Estate Data Licensing

Residential Real Estate Data To Build Your Business

License Tovo’s Entire Property, Homeownership and Mortgage Database.

Gain Insight. Create Analytics. Market with Precision. Build on Trusted Data.

Leverage Nationwide, Comprehensive Real Estate Data

With access to the nation’s largest multi-source set of real estate data, you’ll have both the power of insight and the fuel to build your business.

What kind of data?

The kind of data made available through the public record, but tough to aggregate, access and implement - until now.

TovoData Provides

All The Real Estate You Will Ever Need

Tovo offers data-driven businesses access to nationwide, current property data that spans the U.S. You’ll benefit from property data that is updated daily.

Tax Assessor (Property Ownership)
Deeds & Mortgages
AVM Coverage
Assignments & Releases
Property Analytics

Gain Data + Business Flexibility With Tovo’s Real Estate Data

When you choose Tovo’s property, homeownership and mortgage data, both your data and business needs are covered.

TOVODATA Process Flow

Your business is now fueled by the absolute best data.

Explore How to Make Tovo’s Data, Your Data with One of Our Experts

The TOVO Real Estate Data API is used to power apps and SaaS throughout industries that want the most accurate, trusted and comprehensive property data in near real-time. See what TOVO’s property data can do for your business.

Your Source for Property Data

TovoData is the #1 provider of current, accurate Real Estate Data delivered how and when you need it.

Fuel Your Business With Data

The TovoData Team is ready to provide the answers you need, including sample data files to see for yourself why the largest lenders, smartest marketers, top insurance providers and modern businesses choose TovoData.

Nationwide Property Data

Down the street our across the nation, over 150+ million properties with billions of data options.

Multi Sourced Public Record Data

Direct from the source and multiple leading data sets assures you are fulfilling your data needs with the freshest, most accurate data.

The Best Data & The Best Service

Tovo’s experts are ready to customize the perfect data solution for your business.

Let’s Fuel Your Business with Data

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