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Instantly access property, mortgage, neighborhood and real estate market data in real-time through the TOVO Real Estate API Store.

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TovoData Spring API’s

Spring your business forward with the Real Estate APIs designed to give you instant access to the most accurate, current multi-sourced property data.


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Property Spring

Access the most complete real estate  API. Property Spring offers up to 300 data points relating to a property: ownership, property characteristics, mortgage, valuation and more.

MLS Spring

Obtaining multiple listing service (MLS) data is easy with MLS Spring.  Its the API when you want the data that is contributed and used by realtors. 

Loan Spring

Loan Spring is the loan centric API providing loan data indicators including property data, comparables, neighborhood data, liens and more. This is the API for call centers and loan officers to benefit the most. 

Solar Spring

Spot potential solar panel and roof opportunities with Solar Spring. 



Create Your Own Spring Real Estate API

Our data experts are ready to customize a real estate  API solution complete with the exact property data you need to know about an address: ownership, characteristics, valuation, mortgage, liens, market data, you name it. 

National Coverage of 150+ Million Properties & Billions of Real Estate Data Points

All the property data you need to know about an address: ownership, characteristics, valuation, mortgage, liens, market data, you name it – the TOVO Real Estate Data APIs deliver it.

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Multi Sourced Property Data

Real estate data is collected from leading sources ensuring optimal property coverage and accuracy.

Easy Real Estate API Integration

In just minutes your app or SaaS can be set up for an instant stream to millions of properties.
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Millisecond Real Estate Data Access

Leading property data sources seamlessly weave into a single Real Estate API data stream for optimal property coverage and accuracy.

Stellar End to End Support

Simple contracts, concise Real Estate API documentation and friendly support ensure the best experience to complement the best property data.

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What Will You Build With the Real Estate Data API That Delivers Insight on 150+ Million Properties?

The TOVO Real Estate Data APIs are used to power apps and SaaS throughout industries that want the most accurate, trusted and comprehensive property data in near real-time. See what TOVO’s property data can do for your business.

Your Source for Property Data

TovoData is the #1 provider of current, accurate Real Estate Data delivered how and when you need it.

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The TovoData Team is ready to provide the answers you need, including sample data files to see for yourself why the largest lenders, smartest marketers, top insurance providers and modern businesses choose TovoData.

Nationwide Property Data

Down the street our across the nation, over 150+ million properties with billions of data options.

Multi Sourced Public Record Data

Direct from the source and multiple leading data sets assures you are fulfilling your data needs with the freshest, most accurate data.

The Best Data & The Best Service

Tovo’s experts are ready to customize the perfect data solution for your business.

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