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Real Estate Match & Append Data

Match & Append Real Estate Data

Enrich Your Data with Property, Homeownership and Mortgage Data

Tovo’s Match & Append Services Unlock the Hidden Opportunities in Your Data

Insight Revealing Real Estate Data Match & Append Solutions

Enrich your inhouse data assets with the nation’s largest property and ownership database. You’ll then discover the most current, comprehensive accurate homeownership information alongside your own data. Whether you need to update your marketing database, append property characteristics or leverage precision property data for analytics, Tovo’s match and append process will fulfill your needs.

Your Data + Our Data = Your Business Success

Match & Append Solutions

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Your Data. Enhanced. Enriched and Now Awesome!

All it takes is Tovo’s Match and Append Real Estate Data Process.

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Ingest Your Existing Data

TovoData starts with a bank-level secure transport of your data into our match and append environment. Your data is stored securely and confidentially within Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Data Append & Enrich

AI technology matches your data to Tovo’s property data based on the property address.

Enrichment data can include continually updated title, lien, tax, valuation sales history, comparable sales, property characteristics and much more covering more than 99% of the U.S. population. See a full list here.

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Flexible Data Results

Choose the specific geographic areas and data fields that you want for a customized match and append solution perfectly fit to your needs.

Whether you need homeownership information nationally, entire states, or just individual neighborhoods, TovoData has a match and append solution for you.

Fuel Your Business with Better Data

Marketing, data mining, lending analytics, customer retention or triggers, Tovo’s match and append data will fuel your business.

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Your Source for Property Data

TovoData is the #1 provider of current, accurate Real Estate Data delivered how and when you need it.

Fuel Your Business With Data

The TovoData Team is ready to provide the answers you need, including sample data files to see for yourself why the largest lenders, smartest marketers, top insurance providers and modern businesses choose TovoData.

Nationwide Property Data

Down the street our across the nation, over 150+ million properties with billions of data options.

Multi Sourced Public Record Data

Direct from the source and multiple leading data sets assures you are fulfilling your data needs with the freshest, most accurate data.

The Best Data & The Best Service

Tovo’s experts are ready to customize the perfect data solution for your business.

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